Home and Building automation


Home automation solutions

LUXOM technology is very subtle in your home. The small but pleasant change instantly increase your enjoyment at home. You are free to choose the type of switch or lighting you want. Take for instance the function: 'all lights off' on leaving your home, together with 'turn down central heating'. You probably won't be able to live without it after day one. 

The IP protocol (ethernet/Internet) is generally known as a global standard. The Luxom BUS system is based on it, but has been adapted to the needs of a building.The BUS cable can be laid wherever you want, with branches wherever you want, which considerably simplifies extensions and changes of the installation. Your Luxom installation can be used creatively with all possible future IP applications. 

Below is a summary of the five main applications and solutions for your home or building. 

Easy configurable

With great value.

Beautiful  visualization options

Connect with your home!

Engergy saving

No one there? No energy used.

Large project?

we got you covered.