"LUXOM products, a new approach in a rapidly growing HOME AUTOMATION market."


  • 1992 first relay module
  • 1993 start of commercialisation manual programmable home automation
  • 1995 remote control programming via hand programmer
  • 1996 programming via PC
  • 1998 1,000 houses exceeded
  • 1999 start of international distribution network
  • 2000 modules in closed DIN rail housing
  • 2001 DS20C dim controller launched
  • 2002 DS10C motor controller launched
  • 2004 Connection with ethernet (IP) and also the Internet
  • 2006 3,000 installations exceeded
  • 2007 RGB CINCO switch launched
  • 2008 Driver for Philips iPronto
  • 2009 Luxom - DMX interface
  • 2010 Stardraw interfacing
  • 2011 iPOD / iPAD / Android user interface
  • 2011 iPOD / iPAD / Android user interface
  • 2012 - 2013 iPOD / iPAD / Android integratie
  • 2014 Luxom Home Center (plug&play)

Who is Luxom?

LUXOM is an IP based HOME AUTOMATION system which integrates different technologies in a house. These technologies include lighting, heating, ventilation, motorised shutters and sun blinds, emergency centre and security, audio and video installation, and Internet. Small independent controllers connect these elements with a standard cable. This is the unique LUXOM system with decentralised intelligence for maximum reliability and performance. The main advantages of this system are ease of operation and installation (just one cable), ideal comfort controls, extra security and the added possibility of rational energy management.

Initially the HOME AUTOMATION market was a more elitist market, but over time this has evolved to a consumer product. A major advantage of the LUXOM range is the guarantee that a basic range can always be upgraded to a higher-performance system with more connection points or extra interfaces to other technologies. In addition, every type of switch can be used and the configuration software is made available free of charge.

New telecommunication and PC technologies also have a huge effect on the HOME AUTOMATION market. For instance, Home Networks (all PCs in a house on one network), simultaneous use of Internet by family members, new possibilities of mobiles and organisers, the possibilities of wireless communication. These new opportunities will, in one way or another, also accelerate the growth of the home automation market. LUXOM anticipated these evolutions and developed a number of extra interfaces, including an IP router, which allows you to monitor the home automation system via the home network or Internet.

LUXOM is active in all types of buildings such as family homes, flats, the care sector and office buildings.

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