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01 maj '09

ASCII protocol

This file explains how to interface with the Luxom system. (RS232 and TCP/IP) Toggle, Set, Clear, Ping and Analog are explained with examples.

30 apr '09

ASCII protocol extended

Details of the system clock and pulse counter data frame (RS232 and TCP/IP)

29 apr '09

RC5 codes - module DS34LM

This file contains the 28 RC5 codes used for controlling the IR receiver DS34LM

08 jul '09


working with the TSU9600 and TSU9800 NEW layout : Pronto Kasain V1.0

01 maj '09

Universal remote MX900 <-> Luxom DS34LM

This file 'RC5codes.mxg' contains all 28 RC5 Luxom, ready to load into an MX900 universal remote control. ( When you open PlusConfig you see these 14 buttons: (14 buttons in the blue shift mode, and 14 in the white shift mode)

The names 'RED','M1','M2','1 OFF'... are not shown in the PlusConfig software, but the names are used in the .mxg file. If you drop an address in f.ex. location 'MEMO' - in shift mode white, the RC5 code in the MX900 will match with this location.

30 apr '09

Xantech SPLCD <-> Luxom RS232 interface

This movie explains in 5 minutes how you can import the addresses created in your PlusConfig project into the Xantech Universal Dragon Drop software. The 'home theatre.ddp' is the Xantech project shown in the movie, and the 'Home theatre addresslist XML'

Attention! characters like: é, è, ê, ', "... are not supported bij Xantech. Make shure that you're addresslist in PlusConfig doesn't contains these characters when you create your Xantech XML file.

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